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  • Danage Modular Foam Target 132x132x24.5cm 9 Block

Danage Modular Foam Target 132x132x24.5cm 9 Block

  • Brand: Danage
  • Product Code: target boss
  • Availability: In Stock
  • NZ$1,570.00

Modular Foam Block 132cm x 132cm x 24.5 cm 9 Block

DANAGE was one of the first companies to use closed-cell foam as the basic material for archery target bosses - but most importantly - DANAGE Targets are composed of modular sections.

The section most affected by wear (usually the centre) can thus be easily and cheaply replaced, rather than discarding the entire target and replacing it with a new one.

Another very important feature is the specially formulated foam, which allows easy arrow extraction; modern high-speed bows give rise to one of the negative aspects of archery, which has always been the amount of energy and effort wasted pulling arrows out of targets – now avoided using the DOMINO Target System.


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